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1 Reserve on time

It is important to note that the cheapest parking spots are always booked first so if you wait too long to reserve your space, you could be paying a lot extra than necessary. Furthermore, a lot of providers only let you book in advance and no later than two weeks before your departure. Booking your parking space at least one week before you fly is the best way to ensure you still have multiple providers at cheap prices that you can compare. Otherwise you could end up paying a lot of money for a car park that is far away from the airport.

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2 Compare experiences of others

Once you have narrowed down your search in our comparison tool, we recommend reading the reviews of the parking providers to make sure you are picking the right one for you. Honest reviews from previous visitors of the parking providers is a great way to get information about the quality of the provider and to see if it is offering everything you're looking for. You may also notice other aspects you weren't originally taking into consideration. If you still feel like you can't make a decision, we advise you to read our FAQs. You can also contact us.

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3 Leave on time

It is important that you leave enough time when you leave your home so as not to be late for your flight. With airport parking to consider, things can take a little extra time, so it's important that you take this into consideration and leave a bit earlier. We recommend leaving an extra hour early than you would do if you weren't driving to the airport so that you have the time to find the car park, check-in and make your way to the terminal.

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4 Find your parking spot quickly

It can sometimes be difficult to find the exact location of the car park when driving to the airport. The airport usually has a lot of different parking providers all in close proximity which can be confusing. We recommend putting the exact address of your parking provider into your navigation system or Maps app. It is also recommended to print your reservation confirmation so that you have it ready when you arrive. Also, don't forget to keep the number and zone of your parking space stored in your phone so you can find your car easily on the way back. There's nothing worse than being lost in a car park because you can't remember where your car is parked!

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5 Mileage

As a security measure, a lot of parking providers will record the mileage of your car in your presence to prevent any accusations that they have been driving your vehicle unnecessarily during your absence. If the parking provider doesn't offer to do this, you can do it yourself as a precaution. The chance that this will happen is very low since all of our providers are trusted and reliable but it could still be a good idea.

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6 Upon return

There are a few things to remember so you can make your return trip as straight forward as possible. We recommend making sure you have put your car keys in a safe location when you first park you car; this is if you have not opted for Valet Parking. Please also remember where that safe location is! Another recommendation is to contact your parking provider as soon as you have landed so they can make the necessary arrangements for you to be transferred back to your car, or for your car to be driven back to the terminal if you have opted for Valet Parking. We also believe it's a good idea to make sure you have enough petrol in your car for the return journey, or at least until the next petrol station. Finally, it could be a good idea to have jumper cables in your car if you have gone on a longer journey and you car has been sitting there unused for some time.

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7 Do not leave valuable properties in sight

One of the most important things you do when leaving your vehicle in a car park is to ensure all of your valuable belongings are not on show. This is to prevent a thief being tempted to break into your vehicle. This is of course a very unlikely situation since all of the parking provider car parks have different security measures including CCTV, regular patrols and perimeter fencing. A good tip to remember is removing your parcel shelf so that the potential thief can easily see that there is nothing valuable left in your car.

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