User privacy and internet security is our top priority at Manchester Airport Parking. Through this Privacy Policy, we aim to inform our customers about what type of data is collected, the purposes for which it is collected and outline the ways in which the collected data is shared. All of your personal information will be treated with great care.

Purpose of data collection
On our website, your personal data is collected for three main purposes: to make you a reservation, to send you newsletters and to make our website more user-friendly and customer-oriented. In order to reserve you a parking space with your selected parking provider and later identify you and your vehicle, we kindly ask you to submit the following personal details: your email, phone number, flight number and license plate number. This information is thus needed for us to be able to process your reservation in a timely and professional manner. Furthermore, the collected data is also used to inform you about the services provided by This information is passed on to you via newsletters sent to your email. While these are, on the one hand commercial, they also aim to provide you with information about our services at a number of other airports. Finally, we collect your personal data to optimize user experience on our website, as explained in our Cookie Policy. To make our website more user-friendly and customer-centered, we use Google Analytics. All the data collected via Google Analytics remains anonymous, meaning that your name and email address are not collected for this purpose. Through data collected by Google Analytics, we can better understand our customers' browsing behavior and optimize our website accordingly.

Your phone number and email address are thus collected for the sole purpose of being able to reach out to you with the necessary information about your reservation. Your license plate number is collected so that the chauffeur can identify you and your vehicle upon arrival at the selected parking facility. Your flight number is collected to make the necessary adjustments in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. Rest assured that your personal information is only collected, processed and shared with the parking provider after a given permission.

Data retention
If you decide to unsubscribe from Manchester Airport Parking, your personal data, such as your name and email address, will no longer be stored with us. However, if you contact us via email, we will receive and store your name and email address. This information will stay with us for no longer than 2 years. While the information collected via Google Analytics is anonymous, it will also remain with us for a maximum of 2 years.

Your personal data that we have collected will never be copied or stored in physical form, and will only remain within our software used to maintain Manchester Airport Parking. You can always access and view your information via your personal account, protected with your own password. This information will not be sold or shared with third party websites, and will always be treated as confidential. Moreover, to protect sensitive data and to ensure a private connection, Manchester Airport Parking uses the SSL certificate, indicated by the HTTPS prefix in your browser.

Your rights
At all times, you retain the right to gain access to your personal information. You can reach out to us via email or phone. Our contact details can be found in our Contact page. If you would like for us to no longer store your personal information, you can have your data erased at any time. You retain the right to change and/or correct your data.

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